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Our Home
For Havanese and Humans

We live in the little community of Deroche in the Fraser Valley of BC. We have 10 acres of wooded property on the side of a mountain which we share with many species of wildlife. Our dogs all share our house with us and sleep on our bed. We started with a queen size bed, progressed to a king and finally a super king but somehow I am still hugging the edge so I wonít fall off.


We have 2 doggy doors in the back of the house through which the dogs have access to 1/2 acre of fenced back yard.

They love chasing the birds, squirrels and digging after the moles.

They actually get along great. Even though we show our dogs they are allowed to be dogs first and we are not worried when they get wet and dirty. We just want them to have fun.

Our philosophy on breeding is very simple.

  • We do everything possible to breed healthy, happy and well socialized dogs with great temperaments.
  • Our Havanese are such a vital part of our lives and I canít imagine a life without this wonderful breed.
  • To paraphrase; Our Havanese are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

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