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About Us
Stan and Pat Parkhouse

Stan and I have been owned by Havanese since 1996 when we welcomed our first Havanese, Misty, into our lives. We had first read about this breed in a dog book in 1985 and it sounded like the ideal dog for us. But unfortunately at that time we could not find any breeders in Canada so we started looking at other small breeds. Somehow,( a long story) we ended up with Newfoundland dogs and it wasn’t until 1995 when we again started looking into the Havanese breed. Stan was thinking of retiring in a few years and wanted a small dog he could take with him in his truck. Since he also suffers from allergies the Havanese again came to mind. When the Dogs In Canada Annual came out that year we were able to find a few breeders listed so I phoned Anne Todd of Sineades Kennels in Ontario. We talked for quite awhile and at the end of the conversation Anne was willing to trust us with one of her puppies. Misty arrived the next year with Peppe and Little Bit to follow soon after and like they say, “the rest is history.” One think Anne didn’t mention was that owning Havanese is addictive and it is difficult to own just one.
Stan owned his own high rise window cleaning business in Vancouver until he retired in 1997. His favorite pastime, after the dogs, is fishing. He caught his biggest fish ever last year (2007), a 124 pound halibut. During fishing season he usually spends at least one day a week fishing on the Fraser and Harrison Rivers. He also enjoys gardening and watching Westerns on TV. Stan is fully involved with all aspects of our Havanese. He is the one who does the daily grooming, shows the dogs and even whelps the litters. Friends call him “Dr. Stan”. Stan has brought into the world the first puppy from each litter and sometimes the whole litter. He is the calm, cool and collected one and our girls respond positively to this. Stan’s complete involvement in our Havanese dogs is what has made our kennel a success.

Up until last year I worked as a Teaching Assistant at Deroche Elementary School. I am still frying to adjust to retirement and find I still miss the students and staff. I too enjoy gardening but while Stan does the veggies I concentrate on my hanging baskets and flowers. I enjoy reading and watching hockey and Canadian football on TV. I also enjoy travelling when I get the opportunity. Now that I am retired I am looking forward to getting some of the dogs involved in therapy work something we used to do with our Newfs. Plus it is great to be able to spend so much time with our 4-legged family. I have shown in the past but do not enjoy it and will only go in the ring if absolutely necessary. I am the family member who keeps everything clean, stays awake worrying for days before a whelping, does all the paperwork, interviews prospective puppy owners and I am the main socializer. Oh yes, I also help with the whelping when Stan lets me.

Our philosophy on breeding is very simple.

  • We do everything possible to breed healthy, happy and well socialized dogs with great temperaments.
  • Our Havanese are such a vital part of our lives and I can’t imagine a life without this wonderful breed.
  • To paraphrase; Our Havanese are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole.

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